Beyond the Black Waters


Direction: Puer Deorum

Performers: Priyesh Patel & Yusuf Siddiqui

Sound Design: Sophia Lucie Laura

Costumes: Puer Deorum

Filming Assitant: Soha Salem

Installation Assistants: Rebecca Eyres, Sophia Lucie Laura & Zéthu Maseko

Installation Photography: Soha Salem

Wood, modroc, ceramics, glass wax, acrylic paint, yellow and blue gels, wadding, soil, green velvet, vintage Indian puppets

Beyond the Black Waters is a romanticised yearning of freedom in reference to the state of limbo caused by the 'black waters' where the original south asian immigrants (indentured labourers) symbolically lost their sense of Indian (pre-partition) identity; paralleled with the narrative of queerness and the constant cycle of hiding, running, and seeking sanctuary, as a result of societal rejection (for being both brown and queer).  

 © 2019 Puer Deorum

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