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Direction & Live Performance: Puer Deorum

For Disturbance #3November 2021 

DOP, Livestream/Live Editing & Technical director: Rob Hall / B-Side Live

Lighting Collaborator/Gaffer: Joshie Harriette

Post Production & Sound Design: Puer Deorum

Costume, Hair, Set and Prop Design: Puer Deorum

Photography: Yasmine Akim

Creative director of Disturbance: Deen Atger

Disturbance Performers: Anthedemos, Nwakke, Puer Deorum and Kelvin Atmadibrata

Streaming: Laura Lynes with Billy Leach, Llewellyn Mnguni and Jake Wood

Residency Creative team: Joshie Harriette, Graham Trelfer, Pierre Babbage, Kane Stonestreet, Ghislaine Boddington, Yasmine Akim, Emma Norton, Ijeoma Uzoukwu, Blanca Regina, Johanna de Verdier, Abstrakt Publicity.
Main partner: Ugly Duck
Supported by Arts Council England 

In Memory of Acharya Pingala, 100 AD

Materials: Sand, 25kg Turmeric, 10kg Basmati Rice, Seesaw (2017) - Steel & Wood, Hourglass (15 min), Corpse - Red Velvet, Conch, Flute, Vintage Cow Bells, White Synthetic Hair, White Marabou Feathers, Various Shells, Various White Fabric for costume, Ghungroo bells, Theatre Blood, Vintage jewellery, Surma

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