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The Benevolent Refraction of a Wave Passing Through

A 3 hour durational performance by Assia Ghendir & Puer Deorum

Comissioned by Deptford X, 2022

Director of Photography Theo Morris

Edited by Puer Deorum

Octagon Vessels fabricated by Joseph Bond

Rosemary Healing Balms by Assia Ghendir

Costumes by Puer Deorum

Photos by Nelta Kasparian

Poem by Assia Ghendir & Puer Deorum

deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-003.jpg
benevolent refractio poem.jpeg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-001.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-047.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-017.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-033.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-053.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-020.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-062.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-063.jpg
deptfordx-02-kasparian-high res-061.jpg
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