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We are laying, deep in slumber on top of the seashore. 

Completely lost in the visions of our dreams. 

Allowing ourselves to bask in the sunlight. 

Completely unassuming or aware of the world beyond our current environment. 

The sand below us trying to resist the weight of our bodies,

our heads heavy,

sinking down and moulding into the landscape ever so slightly. 


The tops of our bodies drying beneath the blurred rays of clouded heat. 

The underside of our bodies wet with the residual water. 

The horizon blurred between the sky and the sea, lost within shades of blue and grey. 

The smell of seasalt wafting into our subconscious with the soft wind breezes,

soothing our sleeps.

Directed by Puer Deorum

Sea Slugs performed by Miya Browne & Puer Deorum

Suited person 1 FeelBreezee

Suited Person 2 Damsel Elysium 

Director of Photography Alexandria Animba

Costumes by Puer Deorum & Assisted by FeelBreezee

Spinning wheel by Tobias Bradford

Improvised Violin Score Damsel Elysium

Movement Facilitation FAUCI

Edited & Graded by Puer Deorum 

Solo Exhibition installation at Quench Gallery, Margate

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