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Puer Deorum (b. 1997, London, they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with documented performance (moving image), costume, and sculptural prop-making. Their work is centred around marginalised communities who lack representation in British art history, via the gathering of collaborators and their insights and research on the history of anthropology and migration of communities in the Western Landscape. Their British-Bangladeshi heritage is harmoniously linked to their practise as a second-generation immigrant. Visually, their work weaves together symbolic tropes from Western Classical paintings with the mythologies and vibrancy of South Asian miniature paintings. The fusion of Romanticism creates a motion of surreal visual story-telling with non-linear narratives. Working as a performance based artist, they explore the nuances of intimacy, love, and touch and their personal censorship and repression under a homogenised gaze, thus also highlighting complexities of interpersonal power relations and the concept of ‘play’ and ‘purity’ through non-verbal, implicit dialogue - experimenting with the boundaries and limitations of navigating a world of languages similar to a visual tableau. 

Puer Deorum approaches (documented) performance as an active mode of archiving a contrived, utopian scenario, a context that cannot be contextualised, in order to distort the audience’s preconceptions and projections concerning race, gender/sexuality, sensuality and class, disrupting the visual ambiance with repressed enticement. with an emphasis on developing sequences of surreal mysticism and fantastical ambience, parallel to feelings of eeriness and longing. Puer Deorum blends the themes of love and romance within an Othered identity to create an altered reality with familiar, yet accentuated tropes — using recurring settings of real and manufactured landscapes and its flora to grasp viewers into the unknown, where the orientalised transcend beyond (post)colonial perception.


2016 – 2019 Goldsmiths, University London: BA Fine Art 

2014 – 2016 The BRIT School:  Art & Design 

                                                   Interactive Media 



'Beyond the Black Waters' installed at Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Degree Show, London (June 2019)

'Allegory of Radha and Sita' screened at Capital City Film Fest - House of More at The Robin Theatre, Lansing, Michigan (April 2019)

'L'amour et Psyché' and 'Dance to the sound of the leaky water pales' installed at Gather Thistles and Expect Pickles, group show curated by Puer Deorum at Hundred Years Gallery, London (April 2018)

'L’amour et Psyché' screened at Nuanced, zine launch at The White Hart, London (March 2018)

Performed in group art exhibition Limescale at Laurie Grove Baths, London (May 2017)

Performed collaborative performance art piece at Chelsea College of Arts, London (March 2017)

Performed art piece as part of Sybarite Nights at Leyden Gallery, London (July 2016)


'Children of Venus' in BODY POLITIĆ, Shades of Noir (January 2019)