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The Marking of a New Moon

Watching the waves come in

Rushing in 

enough time for Meeting first

Like moon crossed lovers

before crashing together


A cathartic embodiment of fluxation

A mirror of infatuation

With what’s to come


looking forward on

to the foam within the vastness 

of the darkness

fluid and bright


as they write sat beside me

2 and a half metres in between

nestled in front of the cacti

grounded in concrete

above the clay-like sand

That’s holding temporality 

within the imprints of our feet


we write for the future

for manifesting

in this moment together


pass me the pen


i write my wishes 

for the marking of my quarter 

of my century pass


walk towards the ocean

see it caving in 

onto my feet

and offer our words on paper

and our gratitude through silent echoes of voice

And Resonant frequencies of dreaming


by the cyclical sound of the tides


in then out


the breath of the earth

but more perpetual

than humanity’s lungs combined


my feet now soaked

With blood circling through me

adrenaline comes in waves 

like the sea


engulfed are our wishes

through blue ink on paper

dissolved into the ether 

of our fire meeting water


submission into faith

trusting in beyond 

A quarter of a century

A Solar return 

Synergised with 

Almost synchronised with

the marking of a new moon 

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